Million Dollar Monday

The Life-Saving Solution: A Conversation with LifeVac Founder

March 06, 2023 Greg Muzzillo
Million Dollar Monday
The Life-Saving Solution: A Conversation with LifeVac Founder
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Being an entrepreneur isn’t always about making money. For LifeVac founder Arthur Lih, it’s about making a difference. What if you had already built a successful business, sold it for millions of dollars, then on the cusp of retirement, you realized you could create something that wouldn’t just change someone's life, but it could save someone's life? Would you put your life on hold to focus on the lives of others? Lih sits down with host Greg Muzzillo to discuss the story behind the creation of LifeVac, why he felt morally obligated to start the company, and the lives he’s touched along the way.

About Arthur Lih 
Arthur Lih founded the lifesaving company, LifeVac, upon realizing he possessed a solution that could prevent adults and children from succumbing to choking. Prior to the conceptualization of LifeVac, Lih sold his logistics firm for $20 million dollars and planned to enjoy the fruits of his labor, but when he learned how common choking deaths were, he felt it was his moral duty to actively researched a solution in the hopes he could help save lives. So, he put his retirement on hold and set out the long process of creating his product, running all the necessary tests, patenting the device, and launching into the market. LifeVac is now known internationally as a non-invasive portable airway clearance device (ACD) developed for resuscitating a victim with an airway obstruction. Since the products official launch, LifeVac has been attributed to saving more than 600 lives without any adverse effects, and Lih continues to expand his brand in an effort to save as many lives as possible throughout the world. 

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Key Takeaways:

  • You get frustrated with other people's decisions that you don't necessarily agree with and that you think you could do better if you had the freedom to make those decisions, and then you get the leap of faith moment where you say “I can do it, I'm going for it” 
  • How could I be the only guy that could save this kid and then read about a child that died with me knowing I have something that could have saved them? So as much as I wasn't thrilled with the idea of going back and starting from scratch, there was a moral obligation to do it. And I'm grateful that I did. 
  • The research really scared me. It's 5,000+ people a year choke to death. It's the fourth leading cause of accidental death; under car accidents, poisonings and slips and falls. And one child dies every five days that's recorded. 
  • This is my sanctuary, like Superman Fortress of Solitude. When you walk in here and you see all these lives, regardless of how tired, or how much you want to give up, you just look at a couple of these faces and these little kids and you keep going. 
  • The heroes are the parents and the EMTs and the EMS and the police and the elderly caregivers and the grandparents. Those are the heroes. And it's just neat that I gave them a tool to be that hero 


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